Getting ready for 3.3.1, full changelog

Fixed crashes:

  • Crash on KVO (25% of crashes)
  • Crash: -[WPTableViewController viewWillAppear:] (10.28% of crashes)
  • Crash on Jetpack notifications (4.28% of crashes)
  • Crash: -[Media setProgress:] (0.89% of crashes)

Fixed issues:

  • Don’t play sidebar sound if there’s a modal controller on top
  • Toolbar overlaps Remove Featured Image cancel button
  • Better upload cancels, specially for quick photo
  • Show an alert if user tries to post with failed media
  • Show an alert when adding a blog if credentials are good but user doesn’t have access to any blogs
  • Add a blog screen is too tall when logged in and you have no blogs
  • Shows a non-ui-blocking message when there are no results for posts, pages, or comments
  • Try to authenticate in order to show featured images in post settings for blogs marked private
  • Make sure we keep custom more text
  • If geotagging is enabled but location services are disabled prompt the user to enable them
  • Fixes toolbar button enabled states after picking media
  • Fix a problem on blogs with posts imported from tumblr, where posts have high IDs
  • Enable update button after removing media
  • If post is geotagged, continue to show the map information when geotagging is turned off
  • Give the video player a flexible height so we don’t loose the controls when we rotate
  • Post editor eats non breaking spaces and spits out semi-colons
  • Comments list can show wrong status
  • Avoid crashing on empty responses (0.41% of crashes)
  • App can show the sign up page instead of the create new blog page
  • Tapping on a long post doesn’t open editor
  • Typekit fonts not shown in Preview

Updated translation originals at

I’ll be testing today and submit real soon