Having problems with the WordPress for iOS app? Chances are you’ve been directed here for instructions on how to get your device’s log files to help us figure out what’s wrong.

The app keeps a log of everything going on behind the scenes, and getting us a copy of that log helps a lot with solving the issues.

These instructions will work on v3.8.4 or newer of the application.

Step 1: (If you’re logged in) Launch the WordPress app and go to settings

SidebarSettings     Settings

Step 1: (If you’re not logged in) Launch the WordPress app and tap the info (i) button up top.


Step 2: Enable Extra Debug.  This adds a little extra information to the log file when using the app.


Step 3: Do whatever you did before that caused the error (if its possible to reproduce)

Screenshot 2011.10.19 17.31.19

Step 4: Now go back to the Support screen to get access to your log files.


Tap “Activity Logs”


Tap “Current” if the error just happened, otherwise choose the most appropriate date.


Tap the “Share” button to e-mail or copy to paste into a forum post.

Thanks for helping us make the WordPress for iOS app better!